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Waste Management Specialist

  Great! You are our Waste Management Specialist!
  You will learn how litter, pesticides and other harmful chemicals enter our waterways and negatively effect our Great Barrier Reef. You will be able to
  suggest ways that humans can change their habits and live in an eco-friendly manner.




Litter has a large impact on the declining quality of reef water and is harmful for many of the
        reefs marine wildlife. 

Cigarette butts and other litter that you see thrown out of a car window or in your front yard will
        also make its way to the reef through stormwater drains. This is called stormwater pollution.

Washing your car with chemical cleaning products can also cause a decline in the reefs water
        quality. Click here to read more.

Putting oils, detergents and paints down the sink also is harmful to the reef. Find out why here.

Pesticides (farming chemicals) also pose a huge threat to the sustainablity of the reef. Here is
        an article that discusses its impact.



Now that you know how pollution negatively affects the reef, you need to start thinking about some solutions.  


  TIP: Here are some hints for keeping our waterways healthy.


   You will have to brainstorm some ideas on your own before you work with your  
   group to come up with appropriate solutions to improve the reefs water quality. 

   It may be useful to know the answers to these questions before you move on:

  •    How does litter make its way out to the reef?
  •    What are pesticides and how do they harm the reef?
  •    What are some things we do at home that decrease water quality?
  •    How do stormwater drains and sewage systems contribute to the decline
       of the reefs water quality?


Click here if you are ready to continue.