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Objective - Target Audience - Curriculum Standards - Duration


The objective of this webquest was for students to develop an understanding of:

    •  The type of water quality the Great Barrier Reef needs to survive.
    •  The impact on the reef if water quality is poor.
    •  The connection between the land and the sea through catchment areas and waterways.
    •  The natural events and human actions that affect the quality of water.

Students also engage in the process of:

    •  Designing/planning strategies to improve the quality of water entering the Great Barrier Reef from surrounding catchment areas.
    •  Considering the perspective of identified stakeholders when designing a water quality management strategy.
    •  Identifying the impacts that their management plan will have on these stakeholders.
    •  Reflecting and evaluating the effectiveness of their planning, presentation and team work.

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  Target Audience

 This webquest is suitable for children in years 6 or 7 (11 - 12 year olds).

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  Curriculum Standards

This webquest has been designed to meet the Queensland Essential Learnings of SOSE by the End of Yr 7.

Knowledge and Understanding
Place and Space

    • Sustainability requires a balance between using, conserving, and protecting environments, and involves decisions about how resources are used and managed.

Ways of Working

    • Collect and analyse information and evidence from secondary sources.
    • Draw conclusions and make decisions based on information and evidence by identifying patterns and connections.
    • Communicate descriptions, decisions and conclusions using different text types for specific purposes and the conventions of research-based texts.
    • Respond to investigation findings and conclusions by planning actions.
    • Reflect on and identify different perspectives, and recognise and clarify beliefs and values relating to social justice, the democratic process, sustainability and peace.
    • Reflect on learning, apply new understandings and identify future applications.

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It is intended that this webquest take students 2-3 weeks to complete. This may vary depending on the needs of your students.

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