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The Great Barrier Reef is in trouble and we need your help!

The lastest research shows that poor water quality is damaging our Great Barrier Reef and the Queensland Government has employed you and a team of experts to design a plan that will ensure that the reef and its diverse ecosystem will survive this tough time.

Are you up for the challenge?




Your task will be to create a proposal to the Queensland Government that suggests ways of improving the water quality of the Great Barrier Reef. Your proposal will be presented in groups of three with the support of a powerpoint presentation. Your presenation may go for a maximum of three minutes, with each expert contributing equally.

You will learn and discover what decreases the quality of water and how poor water quality can negatively impact on the Reef. Each member of your group will research a different threat to water quality, therefore you will need to work cooperatively to form your group's proposal. You will each discover more about catchment areas and waterways, then each member of your team will work independently in different roles that include a/an:

Your proposal needs to address how you think the Queensland Government should tackle the above issues relating to water quality. You may include diagrams, maps, images and any other supporting documentation that has been approved by your Government representative (your teacher).

You must also consider and identify the impacts of your proposal on:

At the completion of your project you will each be required to submit an evaluation that identifies:


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