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Marine Environmentalist Consultant

  Great! You are our Marine Environmentalist Consultant!
  You will learn about how the tourism industry, commerical fishing/mining industry and recreational users of the reef impact the water quality of the reef.



Recreational users of the reef, such as tourists, are also thought to impact the reefs
       water quality. Read this article to learn more.

 Mining and other industries that use ships to transport raw materials over the Great  
        Barrier Reef can cause potential problems to the Great Barrier Reefs quality of
        water. Click here to read more.

Commercial and recreational fishing vessels also contribute to the pollution of our 
       Great Barrier Reef. This link explains how.

Oil spills can also be very damaging to the quality of the waters surrounding the reef.
        Click here to see what some of the experts have to say about this issue. 

Some destructive fishing practices can also have a detrimental effect on the quality 
       of reef water. Click here to find out more.



  Now that you know some of the problems posed by users of the reef, you need to start thinking about some solutions.  


  TIP: Here are some hints for eco-friendly fishing.


   You will have to brainstorm some ideas on your own before you work with 
   your group to come up with appropriate solutions to save the reefs water

   It may be useful to know the answers to these questions before you move on:

  •    What impacts do mining industries have on the Great Barrier Reef?
  •    How do oil spills effect the the reef ecosystem?
  •    What types of destructive fishing practices affect the quality of water?
  •    How do fishing vessles and other boats/ships contribute to the pollution
       of our reef?

  Click here if you are ready to continue.